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What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

By definition, EVOO must contain less than .8% free fatty acids.  The main fatty acid in olive oil is oleic acid and is formed when lypolytic enzymes from the olive pulp and pit come in contact with the oil contained in olive vacuoles during pressing.  Fatty acids increase when olives are contaminated from molds and parasites, bruised, delayed in harvesting and pressing or stored for longer periods of time before pressing.


What is Olive Oil?

Regular olive oil has free fatty acids between .8% and 2%.  The higher acid means that regular olive oil can be heated to higher temperatures that EVOO.  Conversely, EVOO should not be heated but rather used as a finishing oil, like a condiment, to replace animal fats such as butter.  Bonacci EVOO is great on plated cooked vegetables and meats such as steak and chicken or fish.

What is Lamp Oil?

Lamp oil is poor quality olive oil and has free fatty acid greater than 2%.  It is not edible.


What is Italian Olive Oil?

It's complicated.  In order to be labeled Italian olive oil the Italian government says that 10% of the oil in the bottle must be of Italian origin.  This allows the government the ability to tax 10 times as much oil than if 100% of the oil had to be of Italian origin.  


What is Cold Pressing?

Cold pressing refers to the pressing and extraction process and the temperature at which it is carried out.  By EU law, this process must occur below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Temperatures above 80 degrees will break down the anti oxidants and polyphenols that make Bonacci EVOO heart healthy.  These chemicals are what you pay for.  They are natures super food and highly sought after for their health benefits.


Why is Bonacci EVOO so special?

Bonacci EVOO has been examined and found to have much less than .8% free fatty acid.  Our olives are picked, pressed and bottled the same day.  There is no degradation of the product so it is very pure.  We are onsite to observe and oversee the process and ensure freshness and purity.  As much as 80% of olive oil in the US is adulterated and not what the bottle claims it to be.  Bonacci EVOO is exactly what we claim:  100% pure Italian, 100% Umbrian, 100% Trevi/Foligno.  We can even identify the trees on the hillside where the oil comes from.  There are no pesticides or fertilizers used on these trees.  The oil in the bottle is not diluted with lesser quality oil or flavors that the consumer cannot discern.  Our state of the art mill uses all the latest pressing and centrifuge technology to ensure that the product in the bottle is the real thing and is not degraded in the process.  It's taste tells you that is certainly true! 

How long is Bonacci EVOO good for?

EVOO begins degrading the moment the olive is picked from the tree as discussed above.  Time, temperature, heat, oxygen and UV light degrade olive oil.  Our bottles are green for a reason;  to minimize UV light degradation.  Bottles should be stored in a wine cellar environment.  Cool and dark.  A bottle is good for about one year.  An opened bottle is good for 3 months.

Why does Bonacci EVOO pour slow?

We incorporate the latest bottle technology to preserve the oil freshness as much as possible.  We discussed the bottle color above.  Oxygenation is a bad thing for EVOO.  The top of the bottle is fitted with a non-reentry pour spout.  Once oil exits the spout and is exposed to oxygen it cannot re-enter the bottle and contaminate the product still in the bottle.  This enhances the overall freshness of a bottle over a period of time.


Where is the, "Pick Date" on the label?

This is a great question!  Every bottle of Bonacci EVOO will have a pick date on the back label.  D/M/Y. This is not common and we estimate that 90% of the EVOO bottles sold do not show you this information.  We often see bottles in stores being sold exposed to grocery light, being stored at room temperature with labels that have a year on the label and that is all.  Often the year is 2 or 3 years old.  There is no pick date because they don't want the uneducated consumer to know it matters.  Our customers do know better, are olive oil educated and understand the importance of this label detail.


What does the gold seal on the label mean?

The gold seal on the front label is the 600 year old Bonacci Family crest.  Bonacci is best translated as, "Good Person or Good Man."  We try to live up to the meaning of our name every day, one bottle at time!

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